Selected texts

Ingo Clauss, Silent Dialogues-Thoughts about the Performative Works of Kyungwoo Chun, Kyungwoo Chun-Gute Nachrichten, 2012 (English,German,Korean)
Jiyoon Lee, Resonance of Time, Space and Self, Kyungwoo Chun-Performance Catalogue Raisonné I, IANN Books 2011 (English)
Stephan Berg, The Visibility of the Invisible, Kyungwoo Chun-photographs, video performances, Hatje Cantz 2005 (English,German)
Sumi Kang, Artist Voyage, The Art Magazine Wolgan Misool 2007 (Korean)
Peter Friese, Mehr Zeigen!, International contemporary art magazine 2008 (German,English)
Pyung Jong Park, Doubt and Skepticism, Monthly Photography 2008 (Korean)
Urs Stahel, ... als würden wir der Zeit zusehen, aus Bildkolumne SICHTWEISEN, Kulturmagazin-Du-181, 2009 (German)
Urs Stahel, Travelling Faces, Circulating History, Kyungwoo Chun-Thousands, Hatje Cantz 2008 (English,German)
Wulf Herzogenrath, Memory Creats the Present, Kyungwoo Chun-Thousands, Hatje Cantz 2008 (English,German)
Juseok Park, „Ju“ und „Mu“ als das Gleiche und das Andere, Stiftung DKM, 2006 (German, Korean)
Nils Ohlsen, Kyungwoo Chun: The Man with the Golden Helmet, Kyungwoo Chun-Thousands, Hatje Cantz 2008 (English,German)
Seungkon Kim, The Museum of Photography Seoul 2004 (Korean,English)
Rude Gade, Reflections on Kyungwoo Chun’s Photographic Performances, Vorlaget Vandkunsten 2009 (Danish,English,Korean)
Louise Wolthers, Encounters, The Museum of Photography, Vorlaget Vandkunsten 2009 (Danish,English,Korean)
Natalie Boseul Shin, Portrait of “the Self” as seen through the Queen, Vorlaget Vandkunsten 2009 (Danish,English,Korean)
Hyeyoung Shin, BreaThings by Kyungwoo Chun, Gaain Gallery 2009 (English,Korean)
Lech Lechowiz, Photography as Manifestation of Being, exhibition catalogue INTERVALS, Galeria FF 2004 (English,Polish)

Selected interviews with the artist

Susanne Pfeffer, Sometimes we forget we’re alive …, Kyungwoo Chun-photographs, video performances, Hatje Cantz 2005 (English)
Alejandro Castellote, ENTREVISTA, Galeria Arteko 2007(Spanish)
Soyeon Ahn, Interview, exhibition catalogue-Artspectrum, Leeum-Samsung Museum of Art 2006 (Korean,English)
Jaana Pruess, Interview, exhibition catalogue-EIDOLON, Pruess and Ochs Gallery 2003 (English,German)
Jiyoon Lee, A Conversation on Thousands, Kyungwoo Chun-Thousands, Hatje Cantz 2008 (English,German)
bild.klang.los, TRIALOG - A Conversation by Kyungwoo Chun, Kunsu Shim and Gerhard Stäbler, bild.klang.los. PFAU Verlag 2010 (German,Korean,English)

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